System notsupportedexception updating is not supported by data source

19-Sep-2017 04:53

system notsupportedexception updating is not supported by data source-65

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id=39282 (some of which relate to this problem, and an extra one that might be a separate bug in Sharp Compress) …s in Update mode. Fixes another issue reported by @Numpsy in Office Dev/Open-XML-SDK#64.…s in Update mode. Fixes another issue reported by @Numpsy in Office Dev/Open-XML-SDK#64.…s in Update mode. Fixes another issue reported by @Numpsy in Office Dev/Open-XML-SDK#64. For example, the changes in pull#80 drop that to 187 failures. Fixes another issue reported by @Numpsy in Office Dev/Open-XML-SDK#64. With this call: lseek (fd, -(16 sizeof(uint64_t)), SEEK_END) strace displays: lseek(0x3, 0x FFFFFFE8, 0x2) = 19375512 0 With this call: lseek (fd, -24, SEEK_END) strace displays: lseek(0x3, 0x FFFFFFFFFFFFFFE8, 0x2) = 19375512 0 Now, while both results from lseek are the same, a subsequent read with 24 bytes to read returns zero on the former case, and 24 on the latter case. commit d408ecc25cd9c8aadd4c63ed537c262cf599eae3 Author: Marcos Henrich Date: Tue Jun 21 2016 0100 [mono-symbolicate] Fixes symbolication of AOTed Sequence points are only required if native offsets are on the stacktrace.

Doesn't seem ideal to read all the data to work out the length and then read it again to process it though! We've put some more fixes in place in Mono that should help some of the problems mentioned in this issue. I gave it a go, and put some info about some issues I saw in the bugzilla entry at The 'Operation is not supported' errors seem to have all gone :-) Also, a big chunk of those other failures are down to path issues when running on OSX/Linux which already have open pull requests. This does away with the lazy writeable entry scheme in Update mode and converts the stream to be writeable when its opened in Update mode. What is odd is that the return value from the lseek system call is the same, but yet, read fails with an end-of-file with this value, and otherwise it passes. Each test now uses a separate directory to store stacktraces outputs and symbols.

Sql Connection String..ctor(String connection String) …

“Default Connection” : “server=localhost;database=movie DB;uid=root;pwd=hansamali;sslmode=none;” If you remember, we added Sql service into the application when we run in winodows. Add My SQL service into your application with db Context class.

Restore packages defined in file and Build your application. Let’s try to run our application without any modifications, It seems working fine.

Then cd into application directory and open it in visual studio code.

Sql Server Query Compilation Context Factory[1] An exception occurred in the database while iterating the results of a query. Not Supported Exception: The keyword ‘integrated security’ is not supported on this platform. commit d7834ea50f4777687d5590454cf07e53f0c23877 Author: Marcos Henrich Date: Fri May 20 2016 0100 [corlib] Added MVID metadata to Stack Trace The MVID metadata handler displays multiple MVID(s) followed by the comma separated list of Stack Frame lines whose method belongs to the module with the displayed MVID. Import Members Mapping would set the key with the underlying message type [1], thus if a service had remote calls using the same types a key already exists exception would be thrown. Reflection/Mono Method.cs:309 ``` commit Date: Fri Jul 8 2016 0100 [corlib] Lowercase and no '-' in metadata guids. The changes make sure that Connect Async Callback no longer called on Connect Async catch block, while the state is still updated with the exception. Connect Async Unhandled Ex Other tests appear to crash with legacy UEP set to 0, while the runner shows no errors.